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Heat recovery in ventilation is a process of continuously preheating incoming cool supply air by warming it with the outgoing exhaust air. Warm air is not simply exhausted through the open window but transfers most of its heat to supply air in a highly efficient heat recovery exchanger before being exhausted.

CHANORE offers wide range of Airflow Heat Recovery Ventilation Units. Each product is tested to provide a specific fan power performance that can be used to calculate 'energy saving'. Combined with unique flexible Airflex Pro Zero Leakage ducting our system allows you a quick and easy installation!




Heat pumps are a high-performance solution for producing heat using energy captured from the surrounding environment. For the last few years CHANORE is working with ATLANTIC -unrivalled expert in heat pump technology.  We are proud to announce we are the only supplier of their products for Ireland. In our range you will find Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps as well as excellent Domestic Hot Water Unit, which can help you reduce your heating and domestic hot water costs, but also save the environment.



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To satisfy our clients’ needs CHANORE offers both, Hydronic and electric underfloor heating. To make sure we supply high standard products we work for years with two big manufacturers

Eurotherm- Italian Company offering advanced radiating heating/cooling solutions of the very best quality, responsible for production of all components: starting from high quality certified MidiX pipe, through high- performing, functional distribution system, up to Smartcomfort -an intelligent regulating system, optimised for radiating systems.

Ezewarm- who developed electric mats that help home owners create a living environment that is warm, comfortable, safe and economical. Their products are 100% recyclable and are amongst the most cost effective methods for heating a home.

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